HipHop Skin Care

At HipHop skin care, our aim is to consistently innovate to bring quality, affordable and easy solutions for the multi-faceted woman here at Swayur Ayurveda
Our philosophy focuses on removing impurities to reveal healthy skin.
All of our products are infused with quality ingredients like Charcoal, Argan Oil, and Aloe Vera. These ingredients are carefully sourced and infused to ensure that only the best products reach you. Being a women-led company, we understand the need for safer, quicker alternatives in the skin care space, and it is our endeavour to make these available to all our customers for their varied skin needs. From wax strips, to blackhead removal strips, from makeup remover wipes to nail polish remover wipes, we have everything that doesn’t just give parlour-like solutions, but does so on the go, with no hassle or mess! To know more about us, or to experience any of our innovative products, do check out our product section.

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