24 Mantra Organic Raw Peanuts 500 g


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24 Mantra Organic

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Product Description

24 Mantra Organic Raw Peanut can be eaten raw, used in recipes, made into solvents and oils, medicines, textile materials, and peanut butter, as well as many other uses.

24 Mantra Organic Raw Peanut is a product that brings you this wonderful ingredient with unmatched freshness and quality. With its trademark polythene packaging, it is ensured that no adulterants can enter and compromise the quality of the product. 24 Mantra Organic Raw Peanut is also produced organically without the use of harmful chemicals. The 24 Mantra Organic Raw Peanut is used extensively in snacks and delicacies by many. It is often used as a major ingredient in mixed nuts.

They are boiled in brine and often eaten as a light snack. It is a core ingredient of many diets because of its dietary value. They can also be roasted and eaten as an evening snack. Get this pure and organically produced 24 Mantra Organic Raw Peanut for a healthy diet. All products of 24 Mantra Organic are certified as per Indian, US, and European Organic Standards.