Atrey Vedaone Cold Pressed Organic Kalonji Oil 100 ml


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Vedaone Cold Pressed Organic Kalonji Oil is also known as Nigella Seed Oil or Black Seed Oil. It has been used as supportive in many multiple chronic disorders like hair problems, skin problems, and much more.

  • HAIR: Regular use of Vedaone Cold Pressed Kalonji Oil may help in hair smoothening, hair strengthening, hair growth, and prevent hair loss – Gently massage on the scalp with black seed oil – Leave on overnight or minimum 30 minutes before showering.
  • SKIN: Kalonji seed oil is used topically for skin – Oil of kalonji work as a moisturizer for dry skin – Black seed oil was used in ancient times for skin irritations – use black seed oil for a week to see noticeable changes in your skin type.
  • FACE: Kalonji oil may help in face glow – Cold-pressed black seed oil may improve your face texture – Do use nigella seeds oil on a regular basis for good results.
  • KALONJI OIL: Kalonji oil is pure, natural, herbal, ayurvedic, and cold-pressed. Vedaone Extract oil from natural premium black seeds.


  • Organic Kalonji (Black Seeds or Nigella Sativa)

Directions for use: Take half teaspoon of Kalonji Oil in a glass, add warm milk or water, add sugar to taste and drink twice daily, or as directed by the physician.