Cycle Naivedya Sambhrani Dhoop 12 cups


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Cycle Om Shanthi

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S V Patel's

Product Description

The finest energy purifier of atmosphere, Sambrani with all its purity and sanctity has been captured in the form of Naivedya Sambrani Dhoop Cup, a unique offering by Cycle Pure Agarbathies. One of the best gifts of nature, Sambrani has a distinct, peaceful, and balsamic fragrance. When burnt on a charcoal piece; it emits an amazingly positive, vibrant, and an alluring aroma that cleanses the air and energy in the surroundings.

Directions for use:

  • Place incense away from flammable materials on a fireproof and heat resistance surface/incense burner.
  • Light the coated end in case of incense stick/agarbathi or the top in case of cone or sambrani, allow the flame to catch; gently blow out the flame.
  • In the case of wet dhoop, take the required quantity in hand and knead it well and make it into the shape of a cone before lighting the tip of the cone.