Dabur Tulsi Drops 30ml Immunity Booster (5in1)

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Dabur Tulsi Drops Helps in 10 Health Benefits:

  1. Boosts Immunity
  2. Anti-Oxidant
  3. Anti-Microbial
  4. Adaptogenic (Helps in stress management)
  5. Good for Heart Health
  6. Appetizer, Good for digestive health
  7. Good for skin health
  8. Useful in cough and cold helps in relieving mucus
  9. Good for Joint Health
  10. Good for Liver Health

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Dabur Tulsi Drops has many health benefits. It has antioxidant properties that help boost immunity. It helps provide relief from cough & cold and in relieving mucus. It contains the extracts of 5 types of Tulsi leaves which have therapeutic properties Tulsi has antimicrobial properties. As per Ayurveda, Tulsi is good for digestive and skin health. It also helps with stress management, good for joints, and liver health.

Key Benefits:

  • Builds Immunity
  • Anti-Oxidant Properties
  • Provide Relief from Cough & Cold
  • Build Respiratory Health

Directions for use:

  • 5-10 drops(0.15 to0.3ml). 2-3 times a day in water(lukewarm) or tea or as directed by a physician
  • Shake well before use.



30 ML


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