Dhatri Ayush Kwath Juice 500 ml


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Product Description

Dhatri Ayush Kwath Juice is a comprehensive formula enriched with scientifically validated botanical herbs to boost immunity, fight infection, bacteria & viruses and provide anti-oxidant protection against tough diseases.

It is fortified with highly effective herbs such as Tulsi, Dalchini, Kalimirch & Sunthi in optimum concentration.

It is a daily immunity booster from nature which efficiently improves the quality of life.

Formulation recommended by the experts of AYUSH doctors. A comprehensive formula enriched with scientifically validated botanical herbs that contribute to enhancement and maintenance of IMMUNITY LEVEL.

This Ayush Kwath has been developed with the purest quality ingredients religiously follow the traditional methods of processing to deliver you the BEST OF HEALTH

Key Ingredients: 

  1. Tulsi
  2. Dalchini (Cinnamon)
  3. Sunthi (Ginger)
  4. Kali Mirch (Black Pepper)

Benefits & Uses of Dhatri AYUSH Kwath Juice are:

  1. Increases Immune Response
  2. Increases Anti-Oxidant Defense
  3. Helps Kill Invading Micro-Organisms
  4. Increases Adaptability
  5. Helps in Cold, Cough, & Respiratory Tract Infections.

Directions for use: Consume 20-25 ml of Dhatri Ayush Kwath Juice with one cup lukewarm water twice or thrice a day after meals.