Exo Anti-Bacterial Dishwash Bar 140 g


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Jyothy Labs

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S V Patel's

Product Description

Exo Dish Wash Bar is Anti-bacterial in nature and hence offers not just superior cleaning but also a hygienic one. Exo Dish Wash Bar is a pioneering product that incorporates Goodness of Ginger and Power of ‘Cyclozan’

Ginger is known for its medicinal properties and hence has been used as a home remedy for stomach ache, sore throat, etc. The goodness of Ginger in Exo helps to fortify the Antibacterial efficacy in it. In addition – Exo has Cyclozan, an effective, safe anti-bacterial agent that is tough against germs that cause many ailments including food poisoning. This makes Exo Dish Wash Bar a unique product where Goodness of Nature meets the Power of science.
The Antibacterial efficacy in Exo is such that the bacteria are killed in just 10 sec. This ensures that the millions of consumers of Exo can live a worry-free life.

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