Exo Anti-Bacterial Dishwash Round 250 g


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Weight 0.272 kg


Jyothy Labs

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S V Patel's

Product Description

Exo Dish Wash Round is the first-ever round-shaped dish wash bar to be launched in the Indian market.
Exo Round offers the promise of Zero wastage and hence has a clear advantage over any other shaped bars in a tub. Since there are no corners, and because scooping of bar happens ergonomically, along the circumference, there is no problem of bar breakage at the center. This ensures that the consumer gets full value for their money. Exo Round has Exo Super Scrubber free, inside the pack.

Exo Round comes in a classy and stylish contemporary packing with a tamper-proof cap to ensure that the product reaches the consumer in the best quality as intended.-.

Exo Dish Wash Round was voted No. 1 Product of the Year in the Dish Wash category* in 2013.