Dabur Ratnaprash


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Dabur Ratnaprash is the product of extensive research by Dabur Research and Development Centre and is a powder packed formula designed specially to give you the power of Youth. It is backed by the age old wisdom of Ayurveda and is enriched with powerful and precious ingredients to give you Strength, Stamina, Vigour, Vitality & Energy. Also protects you from Allergies, Cough, Cold, Boosts Immunity, Keeps you Active & Energetic.

It is enriched with the power of Moti, Kesar & Musali.

Moti: Helps reduce Stress

Kesar: Keeps you Energetic

Musali: Provides Strength & Stamina


Dosage (Adult): One Teaspoonful (approx 12gm) twice a day

Directions for use: Best when followed by lukewarm Milk.

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