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Dabur Ratnaprash 450 g

Dabur Ratnaprash 450 g

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Dabur Ratnaprash is a complete family health tonic. It is a chyawanprash for all seasons with added benefits of Musali, Kesar, and Moti. It is a complete package for improving a family's health, endurance, and stamina.

Dabur Ratnaprash is a premium power-packed formula designed specially to give the power of youth to those who feel that the stress of day-to-day living leaves them feeling drained of energy and they no longer have the energy and stamina of their youth.

It is backed by the age-old wisdom of Ayurveda and is enriched with potent and precious ingredients like Moti, Kesar, Musali, Brahmi, and Amla to give strength (takat), stamina, vigor (sfurti and josh), vitality and energy.

Ingredients: Kshira Vidari, Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Varahi,  Bilva, Agnimantha, Shoyonaka, Patala, Gambhari, Bala, Pushkara, Jivanti, Mudgaparni, Mashoparni, Karkatshringi, Tamalaki, Haritaki, Karchura, Musta, Punarnava, Utpala, Vasa, Kakanashika, Til Taila, Amalaki, Ghrita, Sharkara, Mushali, Atmagupta, Sukshmaila, Lavanga, Tvak, Tvakpatra, Nagkeshara, Pippali, Vamsha, Abhrak Bhasma, Mukta Pishti, Musali, Atmagupta, Kumkuma, etc.

Directions for use: For Adults: 1 teaspoonful twice a day (best when followed by milk) or as directed by the physician.

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