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In India, each bakery worth its name sells these bright, light, crispy, melt in mouth pieces of puff called is Khari Biscuits. They originated in several deviations: Plain (i.e. no spices), Maska Khari (with butter), Jeera Khari (with cumin), Masala Khari (with mix of spices). We are the leading Khari manufacturer in Gujrat. We’ll give fresh quality with taste of happiness to eat these Khari biscuits that crumble and produce the least density. And to dip them in hot tea and see them fill up with the liquid and then to bite into them is pleasure that need to be experienced first-hand.

Toast is mostly sliced bread browned by sufficient exposure to heat. Golden brown Indian toast is yet another tasty product. It is an idyllic low calorie snack. It goes well with hot brews. We are also having expertise persons of team who always maintain quality for product.