Swayur Ayurveda Punarnava Powder

Swayur Ayurveda Punarnava Powder

Swayur Ayurveda

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Swayur Ayurveda's Punarnava Powder may support in the proper functioning of the heart, liver & kidney, it may support the comfortable movement of joints, considered to have detoxifying properties. Punarnava is a traditional herb known for its healing properties. It may also help maintain digestive health. 

Directions for use: Take 3gm of powder 1 to 2 times a day or as advised by the physician for better results it should be taken with lukewarm water.

Caution: Pregnant or lactating women are advised to consume herbal products under the advice of the health practitioner.

Composition: Each 100gm Punarnava Powder contains: Punarnava Root Powder (Boerhaavia diffusa) - 100%

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