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Apis Royal Zahidi Dates (Khajur)
Apis India Limited

Apis Royal Zahidi Dates (Khajur)

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A variety of top-class dates from Iraq,
Selected High Quality Un-Pitted Dates and packed under strict, hygienic conditions. Natural Rich Source of Minerals, High energy and Low Fat. Apis Royal Zahidi Dates are dark brown coloured dates that have a sweet aroma, with a dry exterior and soft flesh.


  • Due to their sweet taste they are also used in desserts and as a topping in salads and oats.
  • Dates are a good source of fibre, iron, and vitamins.
  • Dates is one of the healthiest foods that can either be taken clean or consumed after drying.
  • Dry dates are famous to be an all-in-one natural remedy for a amount of health-related problems.
  • From increasing your energy levels to taking care of your cardiovascular health.

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